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The Widex DREAM family of hearing aids sets a new standard in hearing aid performance. Learn more about how DREAM can help you take back your hearing.


Listening to music can be an emotional, sensational and thrilling experience – as long as you can hear the nuances. The way sound is dealt with when it enters your hearing aids is called “input handling.”

Sometimes musical notes are compressed or clipped at certain volume levels. With WIDEX True-Input Technology the input range is widened dramatically for a larger true-to-life sound picture. That way, you hear all the sounds that matter. 


  • More Sound
    Hear the full sound picture with new True-Input Technology featuring a sound input range of up to 113 dB SPL

  • More Words
    Conversations never sounded better. Users experienced up to 21% better speech perception in loud noise

  • More Music
    Used by professional musicians. Up to 60% preferred DREAM compared to a current high-end Widex hearing aid when listening to or playing music

  • More Connected
    Your personal website with MY.WIDEX.COM
  • More Battery
    Enjoy 20% more battery lifetime, even when streaming

  • Discreet
    Feel modern and stylish. DREAM FASHION is 20% smaller than a conventional BTE

  • Easy-to-Use
    Access features as quickly as you need them; there is also  a new, improved grip and easy-to-open battery drawer

  • Multiple Colours
    Easy customisation with over 6 standard colours and 8 additional colours available with DREAM

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