How to lose the metallic sound of hearing aids without losing the benefits

Published 03-08-2020
Last Updated06-08-2020

Studies confirm that people with mild to moderate hearing loss benefit from the innovative PureSound™ program in the WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aid.
Two new studies have shown that users prefer the PureSound™ program in WIDEX MOMENT™ – and that the perception of speech with Widex PureSound™ is as good as it gets.

The first study documents an overwhelming preference for the PureSound™ program in a range of different hearing situations. Listeners reported that what they heard with PureSound™ was “more natural,” “clearer” and “more detailed.” That is possible because the PureSound™ program uses Widex’s innovative ZeroDelay™ technology.

Zero sound delay = less interference = more natural sound

With ZeroDelay™ technology, the sound that is amplified in the hearing aid is much less delayed (<0.5 milliseconds) than in other leading hearing aids (6-8 milliseconds). Therefore, when the amplified and natural sounds mix in the ear, much less sound interference occurs. This interference causes the metallic sound associated with hearing aids.

In the graph below, the “unaided” sound is the sound that goes into both the hearing aid and the ear. When the amplified and unaided sounds are mixed in the ear, the PureSound™ program delays and distorts that sound much less than other leading hearing aids. As you can see, WIDEX MOMENT™ with PureSound™ much more closely matches the unaided sound that a person with normal hearing experiences.

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