Hearing aid review: New tubing “much more comfortable”

Published 11-08-2016
Last Updated17-06-2019

Comfortable hearing aids are just as important as great sounding ones.

At Widex, it’s our top priority to make comfortable products that fit properly in your ears. That’s why we designed EASYWEAR, a unique design that bends the wires that helps your behind-the-ear hearing aid technology styles stay comfortably in your ears.

What wearers say

EASYWEAR has helped many hearing aid wearers to have a more comfortable hearing aid fit. A patient of Northland ENT in Kansas City, MO had the following to say of his recent hearing aid technology fitting with EASYWEAR:

“The new tubing you placed on my left hearing aid Monday is excellent. The end part has comfortably stayed inside the ear canal and the tubing in front. The older tubing was frequently moving over the canal opening and often the end part was coming out of my ear.  That has completely changed.

This tubing makes the hearing aid much more comfortable to wear and also feels much more secure. One result is that the hearing aid stays better located behind the ear and is much more discreet to wear. I hardly notice the aid in that ear. What a huge difference such a small change can make. I really like it.”

Ask your hearing care professional if EASYWEAR is the best solution for you. Click here to find a professional near you.

EASYWEAR compare from front

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