Dating with hearing loss

5 tips for dating with a hearing loss

Published 14-01-2019
Last Updated09-01-2020

Are you dating with a hearing loss? Having a hearing impairment can be a tough piece of personal information to reveal to a new love interest. And the dating scene itself is a tough one to navigate in the first place!
But a little planning goes a long way. With these tips we want to give you all the confidence you need to go on your next date with your hearing aids on.  

#1 You pick the place

Do you know of a cozy little restaurant in your neighborhood? Somewhere quiet and romantic? That's probably a good place to meet. Make sure you reserve a table away from the kitchen and loudspeakers so that you can concentrate on what your date has to say. Avoid clubs and other noisy places where you may have trouble hearing.

#2 Don't bluff

Did your date just say "I love you", or was it "I love juice"? Don't pretend that you heard what your date said if you didn't. You could end up in an embarrassing situation. Ask your date to repeat what they said so you're sure you can follow the conversation.

#3 Make eye contact

It's always nice to gaze into each other's eyes on a date - and important to do so when you have a hearing loss! It will help you sense the mood and the situation, and maybe you can even lip-read too. Encourage your date to look you in the eyes when speaking, so you can catch everything that's being said.

#4 Be cool about your hearing aids

Would you judge a date for wearing glasses? Probably not. Wearing hearing aids shouldn't be any different. Present your hearing aids with pride; who knows - your date might even consider them and your assistive listening devices great gadgets.

#5 Be upfront

When and how should you tell your date about your hearing loss? On the first date? After a few weeks? Deciding when to reveal that you have a hearing loss may be a tough decision, but it's always best to tell your date before they find out for themselves. If you use a remote, or often adjust your hearing aids, your date may wonder what you're doing. It's never good to look like you have something to hide.

Happy dating!

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