The MOMENT hearing aid app works with Android and Apple devices. Check the compatibility list for supported models.


With the MOMENT app, you can control and personalise your hearing aids via your Apple or Android phone. 

You can adjust the sound in three ways:
  • SoundSense Learn
  • General sound adjustments
  • Directional focus


Download the free WIDEX MOMENTTM App Quick Guide and learn how to:
  • Pair the app with your smartphone
  • Navigate the home screen
  • Make sound adjustments
  • Create personal programs
  • Trouble shooting tips & more!
    • What is SoundSense Learn?
        SoundSense Learn optimizes your hearing experience in a given sound environment. Whenever you encounter sound environments where you would like to optimize the sound, go to SoundSense Learn and follow the simple instructions.

        Compare two different sound profiles, indicate which one you like more, and then let SoundSense Learn calculate your preference. The more comparisons you do, the more SoundSense Learn will learn about your preferences. You can then save the settings as a program and use them whenever you would like.

        Please note that SoundSense Learn is exclusively available on selected Evoke hearing aids (440, 330, 220).

    • Why are you asking to use my location?
        The app would like to access your location to allow you to define locations where programs are automatically activated and to enable the Find my hearing aids feature.

    • Why can't I use "Find my hearing aids"?
        You may not have given permission to the app to access your location. Go to: Settings > scroll down to the MOMENT app > Location > select Always Or:  You may have disabled Location Services altogether. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and enable Location Services.

    • How do I control streaming?
        You need to use the WIDEX MOMENT App to start/stop streaming and to adjust the streaming volumes. It is also possible to change the streaming program to match the preference towards speak or music.

    • Why do I sometimes experience interference in the streaming sound?
        Radio transmissions can be disturbed by other electromagnetic fields, which may come from, for example, power lines, Wi-Fi, and microwave ovens.

    • Will TV PLAY be supported?
        Yes – all Bluetooth MOMENT devices will be able support TV PLAY as of early 2021. For Bluetooth MOMENT HA’s already in the market a software update will be made available via the latest version of the MOMENT App.

    • What is PureSound?
        Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound

        The PureSound program solves that with an ultrafast signal pathway that eradicates the unpleasant artefacts.

    • Can I stream sound from my Android phone directly to my hearing aids?
        Not at this time. We recommend using the COM-DEX solution to stream to both ears with an Android phone.

    • Why is it that my Android phone does not connect to both of my hearing aids, and the connection does not seem stable?
        Your phone probably does not fully comply with the Android Bluetooth LE protocol. Please check the Widex Evoke app compatibility list for phone models supported, or check with your hearing care professional.

    • Why does the streaming experience differ when using different music or video streaming apps?
        When streaming music or video, the traveling of data can be affected by many factors in the entire wireless network. Often, poor internet connection or streaming high-definition data can cause interruptions to your listening experience.

    • How do I turn off notification sounds from other apps (e.g., Gmail, Facebook)?
        The hearing aids play all the sounds that the iOS tells them to stream. Refer to your iPhone and/or the individual app settings to disable sounds generated by other apps. Go to Settings > Notifications or Settings > Sounds, to configure your preferences.

    • Can I control my default streaming to my car's Bluetooth system?
        No. The iPhone (iOS) decides the default routing of the audio streaming automatically and currently does not provide a setting for users to change the default. You can however, turn off Bluetooth in the EVOKE App and then connect to the Bluetooth system in your care to stream phone calls or music.

    • How do I see which version of hearing aid firmware I'm using?
        On the app home screen, press the menu icon in the lower right corner nd then select “About". The firmware version is listed here.

    • Why are you asking to access my camera and photos?
        The app would like to access your photos and camera to allow you to personalize programs by adding your own photos.


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