How will I adjust to new hearing aids

How will I adjust to new hearing aids?

Published 14-07-2016
Last Updated09-01-2020

Will hearing aids feel weird in my ears? Will people notice that I have hearing aids behind my ears? Will I get annoyed wearing hearing aids all day long? What will my voice sound like when I’m wearing hearing aids?

The first moment with hearing aids

Adjusting to wearing hearing aids isn’t difficult. You may have some minor issues at first, but after a few days you will probably barely notice that you have your hearing aids on.

Common issues with adjusting to hearing aids

Here are four issues you may experience:

1. “I feel like I have blocked ears”
Also known as the “occlusion effect,” it may feel like your ears are clogged. Your hearing aids probably have a vent that will help air pass into your ear – this will help you to eventually adjust to the sound that your hearing aids produce.

2. “It sounds like I am speaking in a barrel”
You own voice may sound different when you first wear hearing aids. This is because your voice is amplified by your hearing aids. You will soon get accustomed to this.

3. “My hearing aids are whistling”
High-pitched whistling, called “feedback”, can happen occasionally when you insert your hearing aids into your ears, slip clothing over your head, or lean in close for a hug. Widex hearing aids are equipped with feedback cancellation, which aims to eliminate this sound.

4. “I feel a pressure in my ears”
It is not uncommon to feel a sensation of pressure and a little soreness in your ear for the first few days. If this sensation does not disappear after a few days - or if you feel ear pain – contact your hearing care professional.

New hearing aid users often remark that everything sounds very loud when they first start using their hearing aids. Suddenly the clicks from a keyboard, the sound of rushing water, and even the squeaks of your shoes seem very noticeable. This is a good thing – you’re hearing sounds you haven´t heard in a long time!

Still, it may be tiring to take in all these new sounds.
  • Try wearing your hearing aids for a few hours at a time during the first few days and gradually build up to a whole day.

  • It may also help to avoid wearing your hearing aids in noisy environments until you are completely comfortable with them in more quiet environments
This way you can gradually adjust to the “new” sounds around you without being overwhelmed.


Things to consider before you buy a hearing aid.

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