Widex solutions for children

It is possible for a child to benefit from the exceptional Widex sound from a very early age - actually from day one. We offer solutions for babies, infants and older children. 

Specifically for babies

Widex has designed a hearing aid specifically for babies. The WIDEX BABY™440 hearing aid provides babies with access to as many sounds as possible, in order to stimulate their language and speech development. The high-quality sound gives your baby an opportunity to interact with you and the surrounding world, whether at home, in daycare or with grandparents.

Thanks to its miniature size, WIDEX BABY440 fits perfectly on small ears. And as it has been designed using light but tough materials, you can rest assured that it will sit comfortably and securely all day long. We have concentrated on making the fitting of WIDEX BABY440 as quick and easy as possible.

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For children in general

With Widex hearing aids, your child will enter a world of exceptional sound quality even in demanding listening situations, such as in the classroom, playground or car, or in front of the television.

Our advanced Widex features focus on making speech audible, while flexible ways of adjusting the hearing aid ensure the greatest precision in fittings for children of all ages. 

Widex recommends selected models from the mind family and Passion440 for children. See models, colours and benefits.


A number of practical and easy-to-use accessories are available for children's hearing aids, including an RC4 remote control and the SCOLA FM system.

If you are the parent of a toddler, you can use the remote control to interrupt or turn off the sound, or change the functions on your child's hearing aid. Older children can control their own hearing aids using the remote control.

The SCOLA FM system, which is compatible with most of Widex' hearing aids, can be a good help to your child, for example in the classroom, which is often a difficult acoustic environment with noise, reverberation and distance to the teacher. 

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The SCOLA FM devices connect you wirelessly with those you wish to communicate with.

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